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Tyler Lindholm opines that increasing use of digital assets will change spending behaviour

Andreessen Horowitz announced that their a16z Crypto Startup School had opened applications for its 7-week educational program to help users to get started with building in crypto.

The program, which will start in late February next year, will consist of in-person lectures conducted in Menlo Park, California, with videos of the event and curriculum materials going online afterward. According to the press release, the program is completely free, too.

“The curriculum is meant to supplement—not replace—the many other excellent programs and resources that help founders learn about building tech startups.”

Crypto Startup School partner, Jesse Walden, also took to Twitter to explain more about the school and the 7-week program, stating that like all new platforms, there are early challenges to adoption.

“Interfaces aren’t immediately user friendly, best practices are poorly understood, and there are wide misconceptions about the technology itself and its capabilities. Yet many generational opportunities in tech were realized by entrepreneurs that pioneered or applied emergent best practices to push mainstream adoption amidst new platform shifts.”

As crypto-adoption is still in its early days, he also stated that meaningful progress on infrastructure, tooling, regulatory clarity, and user traction would make this a pivotal point in time to have a large impact.

“Many folks at a16z have been in crypto for close to 7 years now — [Crypto Startup School] is an opportunity to share the best practices we’ve learned from building and working with founders in the space, and to help accelerate understanding, development, and encourage more talented people to join in.”

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