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Caitlin Long claims that Wyoming citizens cannot be forced in any proceedings to disclose private keys

Cryptocurrencies are largely illegal in India, but the technology forming the crux of these assets is currently getting attention from many on the Asian subcontinent.

According to a recent report by the Times of India, the state of Tamil Nadu has officially begun working on a state-level policy framework concerning blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence [AI]. The framework mentions that blockchain and AI tech are ‘disrupting public policy and governance,’ with State officials currently waiting for approval on the framework.

Santosh Misra, CEO of Tamil Nadu’s e-Governance Agency [TNeGA], stated,

“We are working on separate policies on blockchain and AI. The AI policy is going to be perhaps the world’s first policy addressing safe and ethical use of AI. No state or country has announced a standalone policy to address the safety and ethics associated with AI, and we have no precedence for it.”

Misra added that the state’s primary concern is to keep a check on the ‘massive disasters’ that can be caused if AI applications are open to all users without any safety and ethical frameworks in place to counter its repercussions.

It is understood that the state’s policies on AI and blockchain are focused on assisting the government in terms of leveraging technologies to solve governing issues and problems related to service delivery.

Previously, Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, Edappadi K Palaniswami, had announced that a blockchain platform launched by the TN government would lead to better e-service deliveries. The proposed blockchain platform would place a predictive system in place for the government and also issue various identify certificates, which would allow the citizens to access the service without any form of physical application.

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