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ETC Labs collaborates with Storj’s ‘Tardigrade’ cloud service

Ethereum Classic Labs today announced a collaboration with cloud software solutions provider Storj Labs’s to increase the syncing performance of an Ethereum Classic node in a trustless manner using Storj’s blockchain-based cloud service, Tardigrade. 

ETC Core development team members believed that this partnership with Storj would also allow clients to take ownership of their data and in the long-term, this data storage would enable developers to increase productivity without sacrificing downtime. 

Moreover, Storj Labs VP of Operations, John Gleeson said in a statement: 

We’re excited to be working with ETC Labs and its community of miners to store state history on the decentralized cloud — making it easier and faster to spin up new nodes, greatly reducing the expense of downtime. 

According to ETC Labs, syncing a new mainnet node often consumed time and was expensive especially in the case of network incidents which leads to recycling a node from scratch. However, the blockchain platform said that the incorporation of Tardigrade, made Ethereum Classic more resilient to common attacks. 

In addition to this, Founder and Chairman of ETC Labs, James Wo, said that implementing Storj Labs’ Tardigrade into the process for Ethereum blockchain’s GETH node would allow multiple syncs and make the spin-up of new mining nodes much more efficient.

Among other programming languages, Tardigrade is also compatible with Google’s Go programming language, which is the same language that GETH node uses. 

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