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Sponsored: Does the video game industry have a $29 billion cheating problem?

Presented by Irdeto

The growth in the Video Games industry has changed the way entertainment is consumed. With more than two billion gamers around the world, cheaters are targeting competitive online multiplayer games, ruing gaming for honest players.

This free eBook looks into how cheating ruins gaming, not only for gamers, but how it can impact revenue for game developers.

Over the years gaming has changed immeasurably with the rise of multiplayer online gaming and the exploding popularity of eSports. Whether it’s prize money or pride at stake, one player’s cheating can now have a direct impact on the gaming experience of millions.

In this free eBook from Irdeto, you’ll learn :

Why cheating players have a significant impact on a game’s revenue and overall health
The different types of cheats and cheaters that can plague multiplayer games
Which types of online games have the most to lose by not dealing with a cheating problem
What game developers can do to counteract and fight back against cheaters preying on their games

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